Available in 3 sizes…


MODEL                    OUTPUT                                     MAIN FAN              MOTOR 

FBD 3                       220 Kgs Made Tea / hr.           TC 220                    15 hp x 1440 rpm

FBD 4                       290 Kgs Made Tea / hr.           TC 270                    20 hp x 1440 rpm

FBD 5                       360 Kgs Made Tea / hr.           TC 300                    25 hp x 1440 rpm

Salient Features…

  • Suitability

Ideally suited for efficient drying of small grade teas.

  • Capacity

Approximately 30% higher than that of the largest Conventional Drier.

  • Capital Cost

Approximately 35% lesser in price than Conventional Driers of the same capacity.

  • Operating Cost

Approximately 30% saving on fuel cost and low maintenance cost when compared to Conventional Driers.

  • End Product

Blacker and cleaner teas, discharged cool, ready for sifting.


“Possessing one CCC Fluid Bed Drier is a first-class investment”.